Refleksiv Yoga builds confidence through coordinating movement with breath while simultaneously increasing strength, mobility, and core reflexive stability. 


Refleksiv Yoga is a style of power vinyasa yoga that leverages your body against gravity build true resilience and allow you to fully explore movement without fear or hesitation. 


Refleksiv Yoga requires the TRX Suspension Trainer to create the yoga pose (asana) variations with the appropriate stability and full range of motion enabling you to experience freedom and power within your body and mind.  


Refleksiv yoga provides a space to connect what you are manifesting in your physical body with your quality of being.  Tapping into the world of linguistics in which we live, specific and essential language techniques are infused to create a practical application in causing breakthroughs and transformations in your life.  



The Story 

Krystal’s degree in exercise science encouraged her passion and understanding of human movement and the importance to improve the most basic daily functions.  She is constantly working to develop proficiency to move better and ultimately live better.  In 2011 she became a TRX fitness educator to enhance as many lives as possible with the TRX Suspension Training techniques that live in the functional fitness world. 

She began studying the Baptiste methodology of Yoga in 2013 and has since become a certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher.  “The (life/body) lessons infused during practice not only began putting life into the right perspective, but delivered a fitness enhancing component at the same time, proving to be a life transforming yoga practice.”  

Becoming a yoga teacher opened her eyes to view the fitness programs she delivered in a whole new way.  She saw so much that crossed over from the world of yoga to the world of fitness.  

As she began teaching Baptiste Yoga to her fitness community, she was astonished to see how many individuals would not even give it a chance.  “Many people have a pre-conceived notion of what yoga is, and unfortunately we cannot force them to try it, even knowing they would instantly fall in love.”  

And so it began.  “ I started playing with different yoga postures while using and leveraging the TRX suspension trainer.”  … if her fitness community wouldn't go to yoga, yoga would come to them.  And Refleksiv was born.  “I developed this program, needing my community to experience what yoga can do for them, especially in the hectic, cerebrally fatiguing world we live in”.


Krystal Say

Creator of Refleksiv yoga

Krystal Say, EP-C, is an adventure seeking power yogi and owner of SWEAT Power Yoga in East Longmeadow, MA.  A degree in exercise science and human movement ignited her 15+ years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry.  As a member of the TRX Educational Team, Krystal teaches TRX educational courses and has consulted in the development and launch of the TRX Physical Educational Program and TRX for Yoga educational course.  Since then her path has brought her to become a certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher as well as a certified Health Coach.  She travels internationally to educate, inspire and create opportunity for people to move and live well as a vehicle to enhance life.  

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